[Fic Rec][Chrono Trigger] Time Breaks the Threaded Dances + [Suikoden] self-pimp

So I participated in the Round 3 Gift Exchange on [community profile] newgameplus, and received this beautiful gem! The prompt I had given was: Crono, Schala, meeting anytime post-rise of the Black Omen. Ignores Radical Dreamers, Chrono Cross, and the new DS ending.

I wanted to wait until the author-reveals had been done, so that I could give proper credit where it's due.

BIG BIG THANKS to [personal profile] jack_of_none, who wrote one of the most unique fates for Schala I've ever read!

Title: Time Breaks the Threaded Dances
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary/teaser: You never forget a woman you died for.

The fic that I wrote for the exchange was in the Suikoden series for [personal profile] vonuberwald.

Title: Crossing Paths
Characters/pairing: Flik/Viktor, Prince Falenas, Euram Barrows, Georg Prime
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Although consensual, there is some drinking prior to the implied canoodling (just in case that's a trigger). Also, mentions of off-screen character death.
Summary: Self-recriminations are the hardest things to find forgiveness for, especially when there's a mercenary reunion happening at your back.

(I'm hoping to do the backstory/continuation during NaNo. Let's hope I get somewhere with it!)